Qvidity Direct & Other Features

Qvidity Direct, our proprietary cloud based functionality, allows you to perform all of Qvidity features in one easy to use platform. Features include: HIPAA compliant video, secure messaging, secure photo, scheduling, payment processing, and even language translation! It is the only such solution on the market that can be utilized for any conceivable telehealth encounter type (inpatient, outpatient, chronic disease management, home health, outreach, direct to consumer, etc.) by smart phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

Whether you are a 1 doctor practice or a 10,000 provider healthcare system, Qvidity can help you implement, maintain, and grow a premiere telehealth service or expand your current offerings with your providers and for your patients!

What's Included

  • Qvidity Direct (cloud based telehealth platform)
  • Secure messaging and pictures
  • HIPAA compliant video
  • Scheduling capability
  • Payment processing
  • Branded interface
  • Client and Tech support
  • Professional Telehealth consulting

Our Process

We start by working hand in hand with you to determine exactly which Qvidity subscription best fits your practice and providers.

Prior to product launch, we work closely with your internal team and staff to assure successful implementation (included with all subscription levels).

After launch, we can help you aggressively grow your telehealth presence so that it becomes a significant source of revenue for your healthcare organization (included with Premium and Executive).

Branded User Experience

We work closely with your internal or hired marketing team to ensure the Qvidity Direct user experience is cohesive with your brand, website, and EMR, with pricing, colors, logos, and copywriting customized during setup (included with Premium and Executive).

Professional Telehealth Consulting

In addition to Qvidity Direct and its robust HIPAA compliant cloud functionalities, we provide professional telehealth consulting for medical practices and systems hoping to enter the market or grow their current offerings beyond the confines of fixed equipment and portable units.

Learn More or Request a Demo!

Our goal is to help you provide billable telehealth encounters for your patients by laptop, desktop, tablet, or smart phone. Our proprietary platform, Qvidity Direct, can be branded to your organization and utilized for any conceivable telehealth encounter type.

Contact us today at info@qvidity.com for more information or to request a demo.